Friday, May 16, 2008

Stu & Lisa

Beautiful weddings make for beautiful images. This was proven to be true when I spent the day with Stu & Lisa. Stu was the best man in Chad's and my wedding six and a half years ago, so you can imagine how proud I was when they asked me to capture this special day. They are both beautiful people, inside and out.

When Stu met Lisa, we started seeing less and less of him...that was when we knew he was in love :) This is the wall in their new bedroom. Lisa is the love of Stu's life.

This is one of the most gorgeous rings I have ever seen actually in-person -- not just in a magazine or on someone else's blog. I even got to try it on. Job well done, Stu daddy.

Flower girl #1, Kelsey, was so photogenic and smiling all day long. Even when I was trying to catch some candids of her, she would see my lense pointed towards her and give me the biggest grin. It was so cute.

Flower girl #2, Kendall, was the sweetest thing and just a little more shy than her sister. She let me get some great shots of her as well. Such a doll!

You know I love shoes.

The stunning Mother of the bride

Lisa putting on the finishing touches.

This is Lisa's second wedding, so her daughters stood up with her and they were gorgeous.

Lisa's daughter, Allie, sharing a moment with her grandfather (and father of the bride) while they wait for the limo.

The ceremony took place at St. Dennis Catholic Church in Lockport, IL.

I love that dress! It had such a sleek, vintagy look to it and it fit her like a glove.

Here is Lisa's other daughter, Mary, waiting patiently for the ceremony to begin.

Stu's sister, Brandy, also stood up in the wedding. She just had a baby three weeks ago!

I love the feel of this one.

The girls.

The guys are doing their best "Reservoir Dogs" and "Entourage" impression. Not bad.

We went to Dahl's Landscaping for our photos and how could I resist taking a shot of this "Old Blue Chair" that I stumbled upon? (You fellow Kenny Chesney fans know what I am talking about).

The reception took place at the Public Landing Restaurant in Lockport as well. "The Gaylord Building dates back to 1838 played a vital role in one of the great enterprises of the 19th century: the digging of the 96-mile-long Illinois & Michigan Canal. The handsome limestone warehouse was the construction depot for the canal, which linked Lake Michigan with the Illinois River, opening the Midwest to commerce and industry. " (Public Landing website)

A few details

Funny story here...shortly after this picture was taken, we found out Stu's brother's girlfriend is Chad's (my husband's) third cousin. They had never met before. Small world!

Thank you to Michael Barton for second shooting with me. Here are a couple of his shots.

Since I was also invited to the wedding as a guest, I was able to put my camera down at the end of the night and enjoy some time with my closest friends from college.

Congrats Lisa & Stu. I had such an awesome time with you both and your wedding was perfect. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of it. I am looking forward to many more fun times to come.

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