Saturday, July 12, 2008

An American Summer

There is no place like home. I hope this is what my uncle Ed and aunt Betsy are thinking as they wrap up their time spent here in the midwest. For many years they have been living in London and enjoying a life to be envied. Now they have two adorable little boys, my cousins, Magnus and Will, who had a ball spending time with all of their cousins while they were up in Door County.
Ed is my dad's youngest brother and is only ten years older than me, so he is more like an older brother to me than an uncle. He used to babysit me with my aunt Amy and they were the ones who told me that there was no Santa Claus.
I had to take some time to photograph his beautiful family...even though Betsy only wanted me to get shots of just the boys, I had to sneak a couple in of her. She is more photogenic than she knows.

Will cracks me up. He is so snugly, loving and just all around a happy boy. He loves his mama.

Baby Will couldn't run as fast as Magnus, so there are decidedly more shots of him than his brother.

I love his little Polo shirt. Such a little prep...just like his dad.

I LOVE this one.

His expressions were so endearing. He is such a ham!

He is a giggler.

Will and dad playing in the rain.

Getting ready for a boat ride.

Magnus really made me work for my shots. He is such a sweet boy and prefers that you call him "Italian Boy." This is kind of ironic since he doesn't have an ounce of Italian in his genes...he is so funny and so worldly.

He was too busy for my camera...

but I caught him :)

Brynn still thinks his name is "Italian Boy."
They were total buddies.

Will was totally chillin' in his Elton John shades.
And he was rockin' the crocs too.
Will must have been a little nervous on the boat ride. His expression did not change throughout the entire time we were on the boat. He was very serious.

Magnus and dad checking out the awesome Sister Bay scenery. This is totally my happy place.

Ed loves sailing and had fun tooling around with his little Sunfish.

Giving his nieces a ride.

Ed and Betsy, I hope you enjoyed your time here and are thinking about sticking around on a more permanent basis. It was great hanging out with you and the boys and getting to know their little personalities. Hope to see you again soon :)

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