Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Katie & Steve

**Edited to add for photographers: I shot this entire session with my Nikon 50mm, 1.8 prime lense. I love it and it it so crisp.**

My sister and I have an identical sense of humor. We find some situations absolutely hilarious and we know what the other is thinking with just a split second of eye contact. We also love to call each other out and anyone else who deserves a good jab. We can definitely laugh at ourselves. There is only one other person who comes close to keeping up with us...

Meet Katie:

Court, Katie and I always laugh this hard when we are together. We mostly love laughing at ourselves and being goofy.

I have known Katie since she was a little neighborhood girl and her and Court used to jump on our trampoline together and I would help them make up dance routines...Janet Jackson, anyone?

Katie found the love of her life when she was in college and they have been inseparable ever since....

Meet Steve:

Steve enjoys a good laugh too. They are such a great couple and so much fun to be around. They are tying the knot next summer. My time spent with Katie and Steve walking around downtown Geneva was such a blast.

Not much to say about their pics, except, aren't they gorgeous? I will let the rest of the images speak for themselves. You will see how much fun this was for all of us.

See, she thinks I am the funniest person ever.

Thank you guys for following me and trusting me as I dragged you all around town. You guys are the best :)

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  1. These are awesome, you guys all look like you had some fun too! Congrats again on your engagement Katie and Steve! Kel as always...well done!! Love, court