Sunday, October 5, 2008

Laurel & Will

This couple is so in to each other, it was so fun to watch them interact. I even had to remind them I was there and tell them to look at me every now and then ;) I am so excited about how these images turned out, I think I really captured their personalities and how they play off of one another. You can tell they adore each other.

They live in Colorado but are getting married in California in would be a perfect destination wedding for me. I have been dying to get out to California again. (hint, hint) However, they already have a wedding photographer out there :(

They were cracking each other up the whole time.

I couldn't decide which post process I liked better with this next image, so I posted both.
#1 - I love the vibrant colors in this one.
#2 - I love the vintagy-antiqueish feel in this one.

My favorite.
Will is such a goof.

Nice Van Halen moves...

Laurel and Will I hope you love your images so much that you have to invite me out to shoot your wedding ;) haha. No seriously, I still have that date open.

Thank you for spending some time with me. I wish you guys all the best. :D

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