Monday, November 10, 2008

Another Michele Update :)

Here is the most recent update from Michele on 11/1/08 that you all have been asking for:

"Hello ... hope you all had a great Halloween! We had gorgeous weather and my kids had a blast. I attached a picture of them!

Ryan: He is doing GREAT! He went in last week for a weight check and he had gained a whole pound in just 10 days :) He's catching up!

Gracie, Jack, Addie: All doing great, aside from runny noses and coughs :)

Andy: They left yesterday morning for Afghanistan. I got an email from him at 9:00 last night that they arrived in Shannon, Ireland. He said they would only be there 2 hours then he didn't know what the next stop was. For security they don't tell them where they are going but I was glad he was able to email and let me know he arrived overseas ok. I probably won't get to talk to him for a few weeks.

Me: I had my first physical therapy appointment yesterday and got fitted for compression garments which are a thick, tight nylon-like stocking. They're quite stylish ... ha ha. I am supposed to wear them for the week then follow-up next Friday to lay out my therapy plan. My swelling is minimal so hopefully I won't have to wear these stockings everyday and my physical therapy won't be too bad. I still have a lot of fluid building up and they've had to asperate it 4 times so far. I go back in on Monday and the doctor may put a drainage tube back in if it doesn't start getting better on it's own. I met with my oncologist last week as well, but he wanted me to do the physical therapy and focus on the swelling before we start treatment. So now I go back to him on 11/11 to decide on treatment and lay out the treatment plan.

Also, the NW Herald ran another article on our family with a supporting video. With my health issues I wish we didn't have to do this article for Andy's guard unit, but at least they have been honoring my request to not over-emphasize or elaborate on my own personal health since the focus is supposed to be on the deployment. If you are interested, check out the below link. It takes you to the video. On the left under "Videos" you can click and view any of the videos and to the right you can click to link to all the articles they've done for their Sacrifices on Two Fronts series under "More Headlines".

Direct link to the most recent article:


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