Monday, November 10, 2008

More Family Photos

I was thrilled when my aunt Cathy asked me to take her family's photo -- then I immediately thought of how much my cousins, Pat & Mike a/k/a "the twins," were going to hate the idea. Patrick asked if my aunt could just "photo crop" him in the picture...Cathy said, "I'll photo crop you alright..."

So, it was like pulling teeth, but we got them all there with their significant others and everyone had a beautiful smile on their face :) It only took a little bribery of some delicious Chicken Divan (a family favorite).

My auntie Cath is my dad's second youngest sister. She too got the dancing gene from my Grandma & Grandpa "O". You should have seen all of us on the dancefloor at Patrick & Marnie's wedding this summer...Good Times!!

I think they warmed up to me a little bit. I got them to kiss, at least ;)

Cathy & Len are great country line dancers. Since I am also a full-blown country music fan, I totally want to learn how to dance like that.

I am so proud of my cousin Mike who recently graduated from paramedic school and works as a firefighter in Geneva. He and Becky make a great couple.
Pat & Marnie got married this summer and their wedding was a blast. My family always has a great time when we get together.

Mom and her boys. The guys are smiling because we were almost done ;)

It took some poking and prodding, but I think I got some fun "in-the-moment" shots.

Thanks guys for being such good sports and making your mom so happy. I hope it wasn't too painful ;)

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