Thursday, December 18, 2008

Guilty Pleasures

Why do I love celebrity gossip so much?
I have to admit, I am much better now than I was before I had Brynn. Nowadays I really only have time to look at the photos and hope I can figure out the whole story without taking the time to read the entire article. I guess with less time on my hands, something had to give. I have a subscription to US Weekly, but I find that they keep stacking up and I stress out about getting behind on reading them. There's always laundry to be done, photos to edit, dishes to wash, etc., so unfortunately, this guilty pleasure of mine gets put on the backburner. Sometimes when I need a quick fix, I check out Bricks and Stones to see what is happening in that far away alter universe, called Hollywood. This site is truly trash. I really don't recommend it because it can be addictive. I mostly love checking out the photos and seeing what the stars are wearing and what they are up to. I especially love it when they get caught without their makeup. That's awesome.

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  1. ahhh that's one of my fave sites, as well as merry christmas to you and your family :) - breda