Sunday, December 21, 2008

Vanderploeg Christmas card

I finally finished sending out my Christmas cards. This year was the most we have ever sent out. I think I may go green next year and do an e-card...we'll see. I just love checking the mailbox in December and seeing who has sent us cards and especially seeing everyone's photos. It is amazing how fast kids grow and change in a year.

Here is our's:

We knew we wanted an outdoor shot, but never got a chance to get it done before it got ridiculously cold out up here. So we ended up taking them while we were in Florida for Thanksgiving. I had it all set up and put my sister-in-law to work.

Here are a couple of photos that didn't make the cut:

This is actually one of my favorites and I am not sure why I didn't use it. I am thinking of putting this on a really big canvas or wall print with a frame. You can't tell how uncooperative Brynn was being. She is so mad at us here because we promised she could go swimming when we were done, but she found out I forgot her swimsuit.

But we kept our promise and let her swim and everyone was happy :)

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