Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Eve!

This holiday season has been filled with so many fun traditions and holiday activities, including my favorite, shooting weddings. Here is just a sneak peek from last weekend. More images coming after Christmas, I promise. I would have had them all done except for the 8 hours I spend yesterday wrapping presents....ugh.

Another one of my favorite activities (all the time, not just at the holidays) is spending time with our families. Every year all the girls take the train and we go to lunch downtown. We used to always go to the Walnut Room at Marshall Field's, but we took a few years off due to the name change (Macy's) and the massive line to get in. We have eaten at the Four Season's on Michigan instead, but we gave it a try again this year and it was perfect.

The girls: my grandma Lois, my sister Courtney, niece Ella, my mom, sister Lisa, Aunt Ann, me & Brynn. My cousin Alissa was the only one missing :(

We also spent some time over at Chad's mom's house on their annual Holiday Baking Day. Brynn loved helping her Nana and Auntie Mary. They had so many things baking, they would put a candy store to shame...

I am not a cook or a baker, but I do like to eat.

Indoor s'mores

Cinnamon rolls

Not sure what was in this one, but it was good.

Mary's boyfriend Wes is also a great cook. He is in touch with his feminine side. Sweet apron. Very festive.

Homemade caramels

Soft pretzels

I love their aprons :)

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