Thursday, January 22, 2009

Baby it's cold outside

Dear Mother Nature,

This winter stuff has been fun. We had a white Christmas, we've gone sledding, Brynn learned how to ice fish...but enough is enough! Anytime you would like to schedule a slight warm up is fine by me.

Freezing in Chicago

Brynn caught some walleye with her Grandpa Van up north in the U.P. of Michigan over New Year's.

I did find some time to warm up with my Delta Zeta girls...things always get a little hot when we all get together...someone always has a good story or two ;) These were my roommates from my senior year.

My family got the oppertunity to go see our buddy Drew Stafford play against the Blackhawks last week. Thank you Drew for hooking us up with so many tickets. There were 20 of us cheering him on from the stands and we were all decked out in our Stafford gear...although we are normally Blackhawk fans, that night we were Stafford fans.

We even got to meet up with him afterwards and we brought our Sharpie :) Sorry it's blurry, it's just a snapshot.

My cousin Matty and Drew have been best buds since they started playing hockey together when they were little guys.

Thanks again Drew!

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