Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Junior -- Yes, ANOTHER BABY!

Baby season is still in full bloom. Meet sweet little David a/k/a "Junior" who is 4 weeks old.

His parents are loving his George Costanza hair-do. I tried to get him a pair of white boxers and a maroon velvet couch to lay on, but I couldn't find them in his size.

Dad doesn't have the Costanza 'do, but there certainly is a strong resemblance.

"Heidi the Hippo" had to make an appearance in his photo session. I think the story was that his mom and dad got her on their first date.

I am loving my new backdrops :) Junior was loving my fuzzy blanket. He was so snuggly while laying on there, he didn't want to get off.

Kelly & David, thank you so much for letting me meet sweet Junior. He was such a good boy and you two are so lucky. Enjoy your sneak peek :)

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