Thursday, April 30, 2009

Too much HGTV?

Is that possible? I have had it on all week in the background while I have been working and I tell you what...I am in major redecorating mode around here. I have cleaned out closets, organized drawers, and the list of what I still want to do is growing at a rapid pace. Maybe it's nesting? Now that I know we are having a boy I feel like I can finally move on and get some things done.

We actually just put in a new front door, thanks to my uncle Sully. Do you like the dead planter there or the reflection of Chad practicing his golf swing?

My office has been relocated down into the basement to make room for the new nursery. I will post some pics of that when I feel like it is almost done. I put a whole wall shelf together all by myself last week, I was really proud. Chad was out of town so I took the bull by the horns. I was hauling bins into our storage crawlspace by the dozens. I had the sore back to prove it.
As for the nursery, I have been unable to find anything I liked at Restoration Hardware, PB Kids, The Land of Nod, etc. so I dragged my poor unsuspecting mother-in-law with me to JoAnne's to pick out my own color palette for her to make my curtains, bumber, crib dust ruffle,etc. I think she may have been on to me ;) I am going for a laid-back, vintage Hawaiian feel. This is just the beginning. I can't wait to start painting. I wanted to start today, but I thought I had a mild bout of the Swine Flu. After an embarassing conversation with my doctor today, I realized I am ok.

Just a random note, my sister Court got me my first baby boy gifts. It reads "Virgo: Born Giver. Loves to nurture." I can only hope that will describe my little guy!

Happy Thursday!

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