Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spring Break Baby!

I have had few requests of some photos from our trip last week, so here are a few snapshots.

On the tram headed to the beach at Lovers Key:

Ella is nothing short of amazing. Always happy and always willing to share a smile.

My Spring Break was not filled with Margaritas this time :(

If anyone knows Chad, you will see the irony in this photo...Chad doesn't dance in the light nor while sober. However, he couldn't pass up the opportunity to dance with his daughter when she asked him to at Tommy Bahamas in Naples. They were having so much fun that Ella and her daddy got in on the action too.

Did hell freeze over or did Brynn actually smile at my camera???
This is more typical Brynn:

We enjoyed a beautiful evening on the Naples beach even though we missed the sunset :(

An impromtu family photo:

Brynn was too busy playing in the water to join us for our family photo.

My sisters :)

Mother & Daughters:

Ella catching some rays on the beach in Sanibel. If you like this outfit or any of the others seen above on Brynn or Ella, check out Matilda Jane Clothing. I have mentioned them before, but they rock and photograph great. I have some awesome shoots coming up this summer with some girls that will be decked out in their MJC dresses.

The only way to get your hands on these goods is to know a trunk keeper. Our local contact is Kersten Harasty and you can reach her at if you would like to host your own party or if you would like to attend one. There is a party coming up here in the Geneva area on April 26th in Mill Creek from 1pm-3pm. Please contact me or Kersten for more info :)

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