Friday, April 24, 2009

Today is the day!

No more living in more empty, neutral more guessing games...

Today is the day we find out how to fill that nursery...more pink? Or something new and different :)

We have been pulling for a boy (because I would love to never have to be pregnant ever again), but I truly would love for Brynn to have a sister too. I have only had one person say that they think it is a girl and that was little Anthony (Brynn's boyfriend).

We have always thought we wanted three little ones, but I am not getting any younger people!

I am sure you have heard about people having the ultrasound tech write down what the sex of the baby is on a card for the mom and dad to open later. This is what we did when we had Brynn and enjoyed a wonderful dinner together at Francesca's later that night with my sister and brother-in-law. Due to a lack of babysitter tonight, we will be enjoying a nice late lunch at Ristorante Chianti in Geneva after our appointment. Wish us luck!

To be continued....

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