Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Holli & Barry: Wedding - Williamsburg, VA

As Faye and I drove north from the Norfolk, VA airport, we couldn't help but let the anticipation build within us...the water, the scenery, the green forests, the sweet summery smells, and no traffic. Does it get better than this?

Yes. It does. A beautiful bride and groom and wonderful welcoming families. It was an amazing weekend that I am so happy to have been a part of it all.
Holli and Barry met while working at a student travel company in Washington, D.C. called "World Strides." Barry had finished his undergrad at William & Mary College in Williamsburg, VA and had started med school at Georgetown while Holli plugged away at Marymount College in D.C. They both just graduated two weeks before they tied the knot and now are planning their future in Philadephia before Barry's residency brings them back to his hometown, Chicago. Talk about some life-changing events. Through it all, they remained cool, calm & collected as they took in all the events of the weekend.

As they prepared for finals and enjoyed their last semesters of school, they also planned every detail of their wedding themselves. Can you imagine how much cash they must have saved by buying buckets and buckets of red roses and preparing their own floral arrangements themselves...centerpieces, decorations, bouquets, etc. They did it all.

Hello Manolo. I have waited so long to meet you in person. You were all I hoped you would be and more. Holli is lucky you were not my size. I would have stolen you just like you got stolen at the baby shower that Carrie Bradshaw went to on Sex and the City. Yes, these are the exact same pair from that episode.

How do I love thee?

Holli, you work it out girl. Feroche!

Smokin' hot.

She had the coolest Cubs garter to which she attached Barry's grandmother's broach who recently passed away and could not be with us for this day.

Barry and Holli were the most untraditional bride and groom I have had the pleasure of working with so far. I love when my brides and grooms do anything a little different from the norm. It spices it up for me. Barry saw the dress before she put it on and even helped us carry it to Holli's mom's room where she got dressed. I was not at all surprised when they jumped at the idea of having a "First Look" and seeing each other before the ceremony. This was Barry's view as he walked up behind her. They are on the Crim Dell Bridge on the campus of William & Mary where they got engaged. Their "First Look" was touching and emotional. I felt so honored to witness it.

She loves her Manolo's as much as I do ;)

Their ceremony took place in the Wren Chapel on the campus. I took an excerpt from Holli & Barry's wedding site:
The Sir Christopher Wren Building is the oldest college building in the United States and the oldest of the restored public buildings in Williamsburg. It was constructed between 1695 and 1699, before the city was founded, when the capital of the colony of Virginia was still located at Jamestown...The design of the chapel is similar to that of many collegiate chapels in Great Britain. The paneling is of native pine and walnut. The English eighteenth-century chamber organ is on loan to the College from the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, as is the antique chandelier. The royal arms of Kings George I and II are displayed on the front of the gallery, a reminder of the close connection between Church and State during the College's early years.
Among those buried in the crypt under the Chapel are several distinguished Virginians--Sir John Randolph, his sons John "the Tory" and Peyton, Bishop James Madison--as well as Lord Botetourt, the beloved colonial governor, a statue of whom can be seen in front of the Wren Building.

The beautiful reception was held that the Alumni House just across campus.
The William and Mary Alumni House is located in the heart of historic Williamsburg, Virginia on the campus of the College of William and Mary. The original portion of the House, formerly known as the Bright House, dates from 1871 and was built on a tract of land once called, appropriately enough, "New Hope."

The Bright House was home to several generations of the William and Mary family, including the Kappa Alpha fraternity, World War II veterans and College faculty. As the function of the house changed, so did its exterior appearance, which underwent several renovations over the years, all the while retaining its mid -- 19th century architectural identity. Following a campaign begun in 1973 by the William & Mary Alumni Association, it became the "Alumni House," and has been the headquarters for the Alumni Association and our visiting alumni since then.

Through the generosity of many friends, the Alumni House was transformed over the past decade. Rededicated during 1997 Homecoming festivities, the 21,000 -- square foot House is a careful adaptation of the historical building, preserving the elegance and grace of the original structure.

All the guests crowded around as toasts were made and the cake was cut.

I love that they shared their first dance with their parents.

Holli's dad was a great dancer and had her twirling all over the dance floor. Faye grabbed this great shot.

I love how everyone was watching Barry and his mom share a special moment.

Holli and Barry were party animals and didn't leave the dancefloor. Everyone had such a good time.

Holli and Barry, thank you so much for everything. Faye and I had an unbelievable experience in Williamsburg and can see how it is such a special place to your both. Thank you so much for including us in your day. Enjoy your time in St. Thomas and have a Pina Colada for me at Magen's Bay :)

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  1. The feelings at a wedding for the bride and the groom most both be excitement and nervousness.