Friday, July 17, 2009

A Baby Brother for Wilson

You may remember little Wilson from his 6 month session I did last May, but I sure didn't recognize him! He was the smiliest, happiest little guy and he is now a big brother. Just look at that curly hair!

These shoes were giving him little blisters, but he is a slave for fashion and kept them on as long as he could. He liked the "horseys" on them.

I wish I could tell you Wilson's little brother's name...but I am keeping it top secret as this is the one name that Chad and I agree on for our own little guy ;) I couldn't believe my ears when his mom told me his name when we were planning our session. I don't know anyone else with this name, so there will be two of them if this is the name we go with. I will share it once our baby boy arrives ;)
He was just as happy as his big brother was at his first session.

Isn't that sky cool looking? I did not alter it at all...that was how it really looked.

I just love the motion and wind with the golden light in this one.

Thanks you guys for such a fun session! Don't answer any calls from my family inquiring to what your baby's name is!!! ;) Love it!

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