Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Matilda Jane Girls :)

So my shoot the other night was not a total loss (the chair drama aside)...I got to spend time with some of the cutest and sweetest little girls on a beautiful night and catch up with old friends. Mia and Elizabeth were stunning in their Strasburg dresses and Matilda Jane outfits.

Oh, my sweet chair, where for art thou? The good news on the chair is I can get a new one in two's just money, right?

I don't want my loss to overshadow the wonderful shoot we had. Just look at these girls!

Elizabeth and my Brynn are only three days apart and unfortunately have not yet had a chance to meet. I showed B the photos of Elizabeth and Mia and she told me I should have brought her with to their shoot because she would have liked them and would have played nice. Maybe next time babe.

E & M are so 'on the move' that I tried my hardest (without nailing their toenails to the ground) to get a good shot of them together and this was the best I could do. They were so fast!

Daddy's little girl.

Melissa, I just love this photo.

Belly button!

Where'd it go?


Thank you guys for making the trek out to see me. I hope your experience wasn't ruined by the "goblins" (as Elizabeth put it ;) who stole my chair. At least I have your images and I couldn't be happier with them. All my best!!

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