Wednesday, July 29, 2009

O'Reillys' Got Talent

A few weeks ago I mentioned that we were all headed up to South Haven, Michigan for a family weekend filled with lots of festivities. Thanks to my Uncle Ed & Aunt Betsy's warm hospitality, we all crashed their family vacation and stayed at the most beautiful home on Lake Michigan with a bluff over-looking the water. This is the scene that welcomed us as we arrived.

The 134 stairs down to the water did not deter me and my pregnant body from wanting to jump in that water asap. I love swimming on a warm evening.

My Grandpa O was doing his best Pope impression.

I passed my camera to my Aunt Pat to grab some fun candids. Thank you to her for grabbing these next couple shots.
Look at those rollers. I wanted to body surf so bad...ugh, the limitations this bump has given me ;)

Pat got Brynn to ham it up. I think I am in trouble with this girl.

We all were given jobs and responsibilities for the weekend, like meal preparation, s'mores, drinks, etc. My Aunt Pat was in charge of floral arrangements for our dinners. Her creativity and talent has no end.

My Uncle Ed, a/k/a the Cruise Director, organized the weekend events and competitions...including kayak racing.

The dinner party on our last night included the dress code of funky dress coats for the guys and sundresses and tiaras for the ladies. I found this jacket for Chad at a resale shop in Geneva. Brynn liked it so much that she wanted to wear her yellow jacket too to look like her Dadddy.

Every detail was to the nines.

My dad and his parents and brothers & sisters.

Love these jackets!

The winners.

We also had a talent portion of the evening with a 1st place prize of a plane ticket to visit my Uncle Ed and his family in London.
Competition was fierce!

The crowd gathered...

for quite the show :D Complete with the Mexican Hat Dance...

Irish step dancing...
and the grand finale...
My dad, brother, brother-in-law, and husband did synchronized swimming!!! :D LOL
I should really put this on You Tube, but I don't know how. I almost wet my pants Iwas laughing so hard!

B and her Great-Grandpa O sharing a moment.

Thank you Ed & Betsy for a wonderful, unforgettable weekend!!! Brynn keeps asking if we can go back to Michigan again soon :)

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