Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Finn wasn't complaining when we were walking up to trespass on the trolleys. He was all smiles. I was glad I took advantage of that smiley time...he got sick of me shortly thereafter ;)

You may recognize them from their session last October which you can see here. Hasn't Finn grown up so much??

Ha ha.

No Trespassing: Violators will be prosecuted ;) I decided that these images would be worth the risk of incarceration...and would make a good blog post in case I got a rap sheet.

Kristy an I have been friends for so long. It is really nice to have that history with someone and it is so fun to be with her little family.

Finn liked me for a little while after I bribed him with colorful suckers and doughnut holes.

Look at Finn smiling at his mom & dad ;)

Last shot! Yay!
After two rain-outs and rescheduling, we finally pulled it off...and boy was it worth the wait!! Thanks guys for such a great shoot! xoxo

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