Monday, October 12, 2009

Book your holiday session now!

The holidays will be here before you know it! The deadline to order holiday cards is the middle of November and I have a few slots left for sessions. Book yours ASAP :)

I had a great time the other night with Kim, my roommate from college, and her adorable family. The weather has been so sketchy that we decided to do the shoot a day early while it was still nice out...what a good decision that was!

It is still weird for me to see myself and my good friends with our kids. It seems like it was just yesterday that Kim and I were on the Mom's shuttle at Eastern Illinois or playing intramural football (and kicking a$$ and taking names, I might add ;). I lived with Kim for three out of the four years I was at good ol' EIU so we had lots of good times, good memories, and good friends together.

Can you tell who had the dominant genes in this gene pool? ;) I thought red hair was a recessive trait.

Alex is Brynn's little buddy and I could not believe the way he was workin' it for the camera. Then I learned he was bribed with a chocolate shake. A kid after my own heart. Being a chocolate shake connoisseur myself, I couldn't let him enjoy his all alone when we were done. My family tagged along with them to Oberweis for some sweet rewards for the great smiles.

Braden was taking notes since this was his first photo shoot. He just celebrated his first birthday.

This one cracks me up.

Kim's dad is a farmer in Gilman, Illinois, so I thought this barn setting was a perfect fit.

Would you look at the "Blue Steel!"

Thanks you guys for a great shoot! I think you got the last nice evening of the fall. Please fall weather, come back!!!

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