Friday, November 6, 2009


I was so thrilled and flattered when my cousin (or third cousin I guess - I don't know...our moms are first cousins, anyhoo, I digress) asked me to do her senior pics this fall. They even came up from Indianapolis on their fall break so we could get them done and spend some time together. I took a ridiculous amount of shots and, I kid you not, they all were good.

Have I mentioned how much I love shooting high school seniors? You'll be able to tell how much fun we had...

One of my faves.

I couldn't decide which one of these next shots I liked more...

Oh so many favorites!

Love these two too!

Don't you just love the Midwest? If these shots don't say, "I grew up in Indiana," then I don't know what would.

Work. It. Out.

Taylor Swift, eat your heart out.

Tori, I had such a good time with you. Thanks so much for letting me do your pics for you. I hope you love them as much as I do ;) See you in Door County next summer!

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  1. kelly! these are fabulous! i have such a beautiful cousin named tori and you are just overflowing with talent!
    love, sarah martens.