Thursday, November 5, 2009


Ever since I shot Danielle & Chet's wedding last year at Hotel Baker in St. Charles, I have enjoyed staying in touch with the awesome catering ladies over there. Liz and Mary have become my biggest fans and have been instrumental in referring business my way. It just so happens that Mary's son, Ryan, is planning a spring wedding with his beautiful fiance, Melisa, and so Mary sent them my way. For that, I am most grateful.

Melisa is from Wisconsin so the wedding will be Sheboygan Falls in May. Although they are not getting married at Hotel Baker, we had a ball exploring the grounds for their engagement session. I just love shooting there!

We started out with a few sweet, quiet moments as I think they were a little shy...

Then they slowly started coming out of their shells...

Next thing I know, they are giving me ideas for shots and wanting me to tell them, "You're an animal!"
I quickly realized they aren't serious people, so we did some silly shots to keep it real.

LOVE this dancefloor!!

My fave!

Even though it was a little wet and rainy, we ventured outside to have some fun with an umbrella.

These two met at UW Madison, so they had to give props. Go Badgers!

You two are too cute and I can't wait to be a part of your Wisconsin wedding! Thanks for playing along with me :D

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