Thursday, November 5, 2009

Harry Potter, an Evil Witch, Roller Derby and an Old Quarterback

I have had some request for some pics of our Halloween costumes this year. I so enjoy coming up with ideas for what to be for Halloween and I pride myself on not just going out and buying a whole outfit from the Party Store. I always try to use as many props or clothing items that I already own. But, nontheless, it is much easier to just buy something and be done with it. So when I saw the Harry Potter scarf and golden snitch, I had to grab them for Ky. But of course they were out of the glasses, so I found some other ones for him.

He looks slightly startled I think. Hello, big eyes!

Isn't this the reason why we have kids? To dress them up funny and laugh at - err, I mean, with them?

And I can't forget my evil witch. She got in to character pretty easily when I pulled out the camera.

The only thing I had to buy for my costume was the skates. I am going to teach Brynn to skate this winter at Funway to get my money's worth out of them ;) Doesn't Chad look hot? He went as his nemesis, Brett Favre, complete with fake vicodin pills and gray hair and beard.
Some other good sister in law, Mary and her bf Wes went as "Mary had a little lamb." Very creative. I like the missing sign with Wes' pic on it ;)

Some of my girls at our annual Halloween party where I took 3rd place this year in the costume contest. Everyone thought I was going to show up as Lady Gaga...wish I would have thought of that earlier. That was a good one.

Hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween!

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