Friday, December 18, 2009

A welcome surprise

When I shot Meghan & Josh's maternity pics in October, they were in transition mode. Hoping to make some changes in their living situation up in Milwaukee to make room for their baby girl. Two weeks later, they moved into a bigger place and Meghan nested frantically all day and night trying to get everything perfect for the arrival of Meredith. She worked so hard that she went in to pre-term labor very early the next morning and gave birth to a healthy 4 1/2 pound bundle of joy, 6 weeks early!

I caught up with them last weekend, which ironically was one day before her actual due date, and took some 6 week old/newborn pics of sweet Meredith. She was ready to come into this world and join the party. She is a riot and I can't wait to watch her grow this next year on my "baby plan." More good news, Josh has taken a new job and they are now living back in the Chicago area! The timing could not have been more perfect with this move with their new baby and also in time for the holidays. I am so happy for them. There is nothing more important than being with family.

She is such a stitch! Her eyebrows and lashes are just growing in now. It is super cute.

I love her baby bedding.


Looking forward to our next session!!

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