Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I love peppermint ice cream

But I hate how you can only get it this time of year. I love eating it with a fork right out of the carton and digging through it to eat all the chunks of peppermint so all you are left with is vanilla ice cream. When I was pregnant with Brynn, I was due in May. Do you know how hard peppermint ice cream is to find in April? Well, I found it at Colonial late one night while Chad waited in the car and I ran inside in my jammies.

Heather, lucky for you, if you crave it at this point in your pregnancy, all you have to do is go to Jewel. That way you can pick up some pickles at the same time. I took Josh & Heather's engagement pics a few years ago, before I had a blog. Now, I had the pleasure of taking their maternity pics. I feel like I have known them forever...well, I have known them for a really long time...since middle school. They haven't been together since middle school, but were lucky enough to find each other at just the right time. I was so happy to hang out with them and do some fun photos.

I know I always say this, and I may be biased, but I think all my clients are so good looking. Maybe it's because I see their inner beauty and try to bring that out in them. But the inner beauty here is rivaled by the outer beauty in this family ;)

This is Heather's daughter, Anna. She looks so much like her mom when she was a young, little firecracker.

Heather is due at the beginning of February with another little girl. Josh, you are in deep trouble with all these women around the house!

Pregnancy sure agrees with you, Heather!

I just love this one.

These are Anna's hands with her mom's. Isn't that the sweetest?

Thanks guys for a great shoot. I can't wait to meet the little princess!

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