Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Brynn & Kyler Vander"blog"

It was brought to my attention that I had not posted pics of my kiddos recently...well, aren't you sorry you asked ;) It just so happens I have a few I can share with you.

Ok, this is not Ky's best angle. Do you think the double chin makes him look fat?

But he sure is a happy boy.

And we can't forget Little Miss Sunshine. Her bangs are taking their sweet time to grow back. She continues to literally rock my world on a daily basis and I am wondering if I should have just started a separate Brynn blog a long time ago. The ideas she has and the things she says are just too much for me to remember them all.
We have been watching a lot of her favorite dark, scary movies lately...Harry Potter, Matilda, Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, Edward Scissorhands, and Scooby Doo. She just loves movies with a little edge to them. I used to love the Scooby Doo cartoon when I was younger, so I don't mind watching the movie. Didn't everyone out there want to be Daphne? Not Brynn. She wants to be Velma for halloween this year. She loves the glasses and the orange turtleneck sweater. I used to "play" Scooby Doo with Courtney when we were younger and she would always complain when I would make her be Velma. Who really wants to be the smart girl??
Also, we were watching Cinderella the other day and she asked if she could get a "Cinderella" dress. Lucky for her, I thought, there was one in her closet. Every little girl wants a Cinderella princess dress, right? No, Brynn wanted the "brown" raggedy dress. Really?

Brynn just started ballet and so far so good :) She was the only student with tatoos on her biceps, however.

Homemade pizza night...

Ky is 4 1/2 months old now. Eating his cereal like a big boy. He learned a new trick and found his toes. Wherever he is laying, all you see are his feet in the air. That is, unless he has rolled over on to his stomach and is yelling for someone to come rescue him because he is stuck and he hates being on his tummy.

Is it the weekend yet???


  1. Kelly~I loved looking at the pics of your little ones! I was laughing so hard because my niece Kayla ADORES Velma from Scooby Doo!! Just the other day she was singing the theme song for the cartoon =) She has all the Scooby Doo figures and a Mystery Machine and Daphne is missing on a regular basis! Kayla also has a skirt that she calls her "Velma" funny. Well thought you would like to hear that Brynn isnt the only one who thinks Velma is the new Daphne!! Hope all is well~Megan Kelleher...err, Brannon =)

  2. What a relief that is! Too funny! Thank you for sharing...I feel much better ;)