Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Grand Finale

I can not believe that baby Addison is not a baby anymore. She is now a toddler! What a doll she has been at every session and I have truly enjoyed photographing her. She has always been a trooper and gone along with any kind of situation I put her in.

This time, I started off pretty easy and basic.

My fave.
Then we had to incorporate the damask chair since we used it in her 3 month old session. Her toes are much bigger now compared to the last time she sat on his chair.
She crossed her legs all by herself. She's a natural and always making my job easier.

Next, we started getting a little fancier.

Maybe even a little complicated...

but definitely beautiful.

Then we kept things fun by bringing mom & dad in for some laughs.

And finally, I made Addison wish she never had to see me again when I made her go outside ;)

I finally got to meet Addy's dad, Jeff, and got him in on the action and making it a fun family session as well.

Love, love, love how Addy is looking at her mom & dad.

Thank you so much for a fun conclusion to a great year! I hope you enjoy all these images for many, many years to come :D

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