Monday, March 29, 2010

He called me "Baby"

Whew...what a weekend. It still doesn't seem real. It was one of the best experiences of my life. The only thing missing is a picture to commemorate it. I am so used to just reaching for my camera when I am experiencing something I never want to forget. All I have is a mental picture...and these few snapshots of us before and after the show.

Friday night was the private screening of Kenny's movie. You would never guess that Court was suffering from an acute case of food poisoning. She was such a trooper. But all I am going to say is, it was a good thing she brought that plastic Target bag in the car with us for the ride down to the city ;)

I had never been to a 3D movie before and we sure enjoyed rocking these sweet glasses.

The next morning we had to be there at 7am, so it was still dark out when we were getting ready. Court rallied, I was so proud of her.

Once we got there and checked in, we went through security tighter than O'Hare and waited in a room upstairs where the excitement was electric. It was here that I had a random moment; Whitney Port formerly of the MTV show, "The Hills," and currently on the MTV show, "The City," came in the room filled with about 300 people and walked directly over to a group of women standing right next to me. I was literally "rubbing elbows" with her -- even though she was a good six inches taller than me.
We thought it was random that she was there. Especially after eavesdropping on the group's conversation and overhearing one of the women say, "Isn't Kenny Chesney the one who married Renee Zellweger?" So it was obvious they weren't fans of his.
It wasn't until just now -- after "googling" Whitney Port -- that I realized (1) why she was there, and (2) why she wasn't all that friendly when a fan came up to say hello. First, it appears she is dating one of the guys from the MTV show "The Buried Life" (a show that tackles a list of things to do before you die -- and the other guests on the Oprah Show that day), and second, she is getting sued for her new clothing line.
After a wait that seemed like forever, it was finally time to get seated. We were called fairly early in the pack and I couldn't help but be disappointed because I had heard that the earlier you get called, the worse your seats would be. Boy was I wrong.
We were brought right up to the second row!! Courtney and I reverted back to being seven and four years old and celebrated like we did when we got Cabbage Patch Kids for Christmas.
When Kenny finally came out, we were so close, we could hear him talk without his microphone. During an uncomfortable pause during a commercial break, Court said to him, "Happy Birthday," and saved him from an awkward silence. During the next commercial break, Oprah's stage guy was talking to her, and again, Kenny was left to fend for himself. Quietly, I asked, "So, did you go out last night?" and he said, "What's that, baby?" :D HA!! He called me baby. I smiled my best smile and repeated myself, "Did you go out last night...for your birthday?" (I also was making reference to his song "We Went Out Last Night"). He said, "No, I was a good boy (winking). We went out the night before."
When you are sitting there in the audience, it is so easy to be caught up in the moment. I hope I don't look goofy if I am on TV because I had to lean forward a little bit to see well. I hope it doesn't look like I am ready to pounce.
Oprah is an amazing interviewer. She used no notes or teleprompters for the interview and she asked some great questions. I won't spoil it for you, but it was the best interview I have ever seen Kenny give too. He was candid and honest and even played a few requests...just him and his guitar.
And just like that, it was over, and he was whisked away.
What an amazing day! Thank you, Tim, for the experience of a lifetime. It is something I will never forget.
Be sure to tune in on April 9th for the show.

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  1. So very cool - enjoyed reading and will tune in on the 9th for sure! Lucky ladies you both are - great friend who hooked you up!!!