Friday, March 5, 2010

Sick kids + Slow computer = No blogging

I think my computer is dying a slow, painful death. Well, painful for me. I think it may be Mac time. My Dell has been great to me, but it may be time to move on.

Brynn has pneumonia :( All she wants me to do it lay with her on the couch and watch ridiculous shows like "Yo Gabba Gabba" and "Blue's Clues." Seriously, I look around everytime I put the shows on to see if I am getting "Punk'd." Are these shows for real??

Ky's antibiotics seem to be not working. We were back at the doctor yesterday for the third week in a row. I think I need to bring Kyler back in. Does it ever end? We are going to Florida next week with Chad's dad and step-mom, so hopefully we can get this under control before we have to fly. Chad is at his dr. appt. right at this very moment for a lingering sinus problem and irritating cough...well, irritating to me ;)

I have been trying to get these pics posted all week long. My canker sores from all those fruity drinks have finally healed, but I am right back to being sleep deprived again.

We had a layover in Ft. Lauderdale on our way down to Montego Bay, so when we took off, we flew over one of the Bahama islands, which got me so excited for the aqua water.

However, when we landed in Jamaica, it was completely cloudy and it even drizzled on us. Needless to say, I was bummed. We got picked us up from the airport in a sweet little Mercedes which I wish I had gotten a picture of. Then I felt guilty as I sipped my drink and looked out the window at the poverty on the island.

And also when I saw how nice the resort was.

The first day of our vacation, I kicked it off with a wonderful spa treatment. It was an exfoliating scrub with a seaweed wrap. The scrub felt like being rubbed with hot sandpaper...but kind of in a good way. Then I was lathered with seaweed muck (which really smelled like seaweed) and wrapped like a Chipotle burrito in saran wrap and foil. Interesting, to say the least, but my skin never felt softer. Apparently it removed some layers of skin because I can't remember the last time I burnt from the sun so badly. I am still waiting for my skin to recover. I have lost several more layers of skin since then from peeling.
Chad and Web took sailing lessons.
This is what vacation is all about.
We had an awesome dinner on the beach in this little hut. Nothing beats the feeling of cool, silky, white sand between your toes while having dinner. (That is not us in this pic ;)

You may recognize Kristy & Web from some past photo sessions...their little guy is "Finn." Kristy and I also went to high school together.
We also enjoyed the entertainment.

We had another great dinner at this Thai restaurant on Sandal's private island. You have to take a boat to get to it, obviously. We saw a beautiful sunset, drank some great wine and shared stories and had lots of laughs. This was one of my favorite nights.

A Caribbean vacation is not complete without some steel drums...

or fruity drinks...

Or snorkeling.
We took a "Bob Marley Tribute" snorkeling excursion which I couldn't wait for. Too bad the tribute consisted of telling us he fathered 14 children by 9 different women and he died from cancer at age 36, instead of just playing his music --which, go figure, they didn't :(
This is downtown Montego Bay...if you look closely, you can see a Burger King sign on the far about location, location, location.

We did get to make a stop at Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville which was like a big play land for adults.

This slide was a little much...this is Kristy skipping across the top of the water as she got shot out of this cannon. LOL, sorry is too funny ;D

Then we had our own "Wipeout" competition. Have you seen that show? It is right up my alley with my inappropriate laugh reflex when someone falls. We were trying to make it from one trampoline to the other while walking across this wet, slippery, inflated tube. I wish I had video of this because, seriously, this was hilarious.

This cute lady was making baskets on the beach. I brought one home for Brynn with her name on it.

Got souvenirs?
Gotta props to the Jamaican Bobsled team.

Room with a view.

The food was very good at the resorts. Just ask Chad. He enjoyed the nachos every single day.
Poor Kristy & Web. I walked a fine line between helping capture their vacation for them with photos, and completely harassing them. I tried to be nonchalant.
But I couldn't resist this kind of scenery and lighting.
Actually, it was a little darker than ideal lighting. These were shot at 6400 ISO.

If you want to see any more pics from our vacay...which I probably already bored you to tears, you can go to my website here, enter the site, click on "Clients" and enter the password "jamaica".

Happy Friday!!

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