Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Don't Forget the Chocolate Shake

I remember growing up on good old Fargo Blvd. (in the "house with the trampoline") and my brother, sister and I all having our own "sick" days. We would come down to the T.V. room with our blanket and pillow and camp out on the couch all day long. The memories are actually good ones for me. It meant having our mom all to ourselves for that day and having her wait on us hand and foot. Chicken noodle soup? You got it. An apple? No prob. A movie from Blockbuster? Sure. And my personal fave...a milkshake from Colonial. Done. (Have I mentioned I am a milkshake connoisseur? In fact, I had one today from Johnny Rockets. I give it an 8 out of 10. -- Oops, I digress.)

I also remember some really bad bouts of stomach flu and not quite making it to the bathroom from the couch in time and vomiting all over Mama Lynnie's carpet. Then she wasn't too happy with me. I know Court & E had the same problem once or twice.

Luckily, with the sicknesses going around our house, there has been no such vomiting. I think all are on the mend, finally.

I did manage to squeeze in a session last week in between Chad being out of town and having two needy, needy kiddos. (Thank you Mama Lynnie).

Meet another little Addison who is now on my baby plan. I am really looking forward to documenting the first year of her life. Would you look at the nursery she got to come home to? Hello Restoration Hardware! Love it!

Addison Joy has the most beautiful coloring...her skin is perfect and that dark hair is to die for. She looks just like her beautiful mama.

Happy Tuesday!

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