Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Now offering: DEDO Frames

When Chad's cousin Roger set off to Southern California five years ago, he wasn't sure where his future would lead him. He knew he was good with his hands and planned to use the gift that the Lord gave him.

He dabbled in construction; building custom wood furniture; and just like good old J.C., the jewish carpenter, he has built some great things.

I am pleased to announce that I will now be offering the exclusive DEDO frames.

Here is what Roger has to say about his newest masterpieces:

When you work with wood as much as we do, you start to see it more as art and less as furniture. You start to see the vast palette and character that can only come from wood - each living tree, surviving in nature against the elements, then harvested to be cherished by an audience many miles away.

Each DEDO (pronouced DAY-DOE) frame is crafted into its own one-of-a-kind creation. The process is slow and spontaneous, bringing out the best qualities of the wood being crafted. The material is approached with different methods of finishing in order to pronounce the woods' finer qualities. We don't mass produce DEDO frames, or allow them to be ordered simply by wood type from a swatch book. Each frame is presented as its own work of art, telling a story as unique as the photo you choose to present with it.

The glass portion of the frame is 6" x 8" and intended to display up to a 4"x 6" photo. Just the other day, I put a tiny, 2.5" x 1" photo off-center in the frame and it looked AMAZING. So, I feel there is room for creativity there. It is a table top frame. We've got other ideas that we'll be working out for new products (wall mount, larger sizes, etc.), but will wait until we see what more of the longterm response is to this little guy before we do anything like that.The main point of this frame for me, was creating a one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted item made of luxury materials that was well-designed that many more people could afford. I handle every piece, and finish them each uniquely. Each piece of wood gets cut, dressed and finished in the manner most befitting of two are the same. All DEDO frame wood types are limited quanities. Since they are made from post-consumer woods, runs of a given type of wood are limited to what we can find. We do not go out and simply buy mass quanities of materials.

As far as wood samples...they're kinda all over the board (pun definitely intended). Each piece is unique, and quanities are limited to whatever we can get our hands on for a given type of wood (some as few as only a couple of pieces).

I can attest to the quality of Roger's work since I just got my Zebra wood frame last week. Chad liked it so much, he stole it to put in his office. They are masculine and earthy. A great gift for a guy -- just put one of my images in it and it pairs up quite nicely ;)

I am so sorry for the photo size and quality...that's what I get for stealing them off of their Facebook page.

The oh-so-popular Zebra wood frame.

Get one of these while supplies last :)

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