Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Short-term memory loss

Why is it that I can recite every word of Salt'n Pepa's "Shoop", or perform all my high school cheerleading dance routines, but for the life of me, can NOT remember the name of a store I go to all the time in Geneva or some one's name whom I just met? Am I losing my mind??? Is this a mom thing? I have told my family they are "sucking the life out of me" on occasion. Brynn told me the other day that I was "sucking the blood" out of her.

Just a few snapshots from Easter. I hope you all had a great day.

I do wish I had not snapped this shot with the flowers coming out of his head, but I thought he looked so cute sitting there with his chubby cheeks hanging there, I couldn't resist.

Thank goodness one of my children does not hate my camera.

I think maybe he even likes it?

Later that day we went to my Aunt Ann's for our Easter Egg Hunt. I love how Ella is checking out what is in B's bucket before the hunt started. I think she wanted to make sure they were both starting with empty buckets.

Poor Ella took off running like a little bat out of...

but she was no match for her stingy, faster and bigger cousin.

Then before we knew it the hunt was over and you know what that means. Time to eat the candy. Chad and Adam are notorious junkfood junkies. They both even like those circus peanuts...yuk!

Court grabbed this great shot of my fam and I think it was a miracle. This is the only pic of all of us looking at the camera at the same time and we are even smiling!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Im so jealous you actually got a picture of all of you looking at the camera & smiling. I pray for that every night! :)

  2. Hope you had a great easter, Kelly! Loving the pics of your kiddos! :)