Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dear Mocha Frappucino,

Ugh! Why, why, why did I drink you today at 3pm? I am paying dearly right now while your caffeine is still running rampant through my veins. As you know, I NEVER have caffeine for this very reason. You made me feel like doing backflips this afternoon. But you tasted so good...when you touched my lips. If you could kindly remind me of this personal hell I am going through, i.e. laying in my bed unable to fall asleep, the next time I consider you to be a refreshing treat, that would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a mil,

While I am up and thinking about every random thought that ever crossed my mind. Give me a shout if you would like to schedule a session in June, July or August. I am finally accepting requests. My weekends are pretty much unavailable due to weddings and family events/travel, but give me a shout. I shoot either in the mornings or evenings in the summer. I do ask for the session fee in advance to hold your date since I am doing a limited number of sessions. Looking forward to getting outside again to shoot.

I got to shoot my niece Ella the other week on a warm day. She is in her "I'm almost 2, my favorite word is 'no', and I don't want my picture taken phase." It was fun! Love you Ells!

Good night....hopefully. I am loving having some fresh air in my house. I love sleeping with the windows open. This weather rocks!!

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