Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Graham Loves Graham's

Comcast finally came again this morning...apparently our internet is now working, but our brand new router is fried. Not sure how I am connected right now, but I am not going to ask too many questions. I am just going to type really fast.

Last week I got to spend time at one of my happy places. We will go here if it is sunny or rainy; whenever we are looking for something to do that will put a smile on our faces.

Graham's Fine Chocolates & Ice Cream shop puts a smile on little Graham's face too.

Normally, Graham is only allowed organic, healthy snacks...

so you can imagine his excitement at the prospect of having some sugar! :D mmmm...

And his very first ice cream cone!!

Bob here is the owner of Graham's and graciously let us shoot in his little heaven on earth.

Bob & Graham are new BFF's.

Be sure to stop by Graham's Chocolates if you need a chocolate fix or an amazingly delicious waffle cone. See you there!

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  1. What a cutie! Hope you guys are able to get everything back in good working order soon.