Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A chameleon, of sorts

Shooting weddings at Hotel Baker will never get old to me. Not only does the building itself present something new around every corner every time I am there; but the event coordinators, Liz & Mary, do such a phenomenal job of completely transforming the space, almost chameleon-like, with every single wedding.

This particular wedding happened to have a peacock theme as well, however, it was done in a completely different way. The bride's mom and her girlfriends completely outdid themselves as they put their own spin on the teal and orange theme.

As Tom & Jessica prepared to move back up to the Chicago area after spending a couple years in Austin, Texas, they also had to make wedding preparations. After choosing Hotel Baker for their venue for the wedding ceremony and reception, they uncovered a greater personal connection to this particular location. Upon revealing the wedding site to Tom's mother, they found out that her parents were engaged at the hotel over 70 years ago. They came for dinner and dancing and left husband and wife to be. Pretty cool!

I have never seen this type of metal handle used in place of flower stems. It was stunning.

Did I mention the bride looked smashing?

Actually, that is an understatement. She was a classic, timeless beauty.

When I met with Tom & Jess the week before the wedding, we talked about the timeline of their day, the shots/people not to miss, formal pics, etc. but what left a lasting impression on me were their last words to me. "Just do what you do." It was music to my ears. I had free artistic reign over every detail.

I took the liberty of trying out some new post processing techniques. This wedding had a different vibe than any other, so I processed them a little differently with more of a vintage feel.

The girls all wore the newest and trendiest hairpieces...Fascinators! And what exactly is a fascinator? According to an Etsy blog, it's like a hat but less substantial and more of a decorative flight of fancy. In short, it's a hair accessory often made with "feathers, flowers, or beads" according to Wikipedia. Fascinating!

These programs were some of the coolest I have seen.

Another view of the fascinator.

Tom & Jess' first date was to see a band in Chicago who had a standing gig and played on Sunday nights at a bar. The first time Tom invited Jess, he called her later in the day on a Sunday. Jess had spent her Sunday recovering from a rough Saturday night and politely declined. Tom thought, well, it was worth a try and wrote it off as it wasn't meant to be...that is until the next week when Jess called and invited him. And the rest is history.

Nicholas Barron Band was on hand to complete the laid-back feel for this laid-back couple. They enjoyed his music during their ceremony and reception just as they did on their very first date.

Sharing a cocktail with Col. Baker.

I know he must get this about 10 times a day, but I just have to say it...does he not look exactly like Vince Vaughn? Sorry Nicholas!

Closer shot of the fascinators...can you tell I am fascinated?

The cake topper was the original cake topper from Jess' mom's great-grandparents' wedding cake from 1910. Can you believe it survived the last 100 years??

Thank you so much for having Faye and I as a part of your wedding. I hope you had a wonderful time in Oregon on your honeymoon! I can't wait to share the rest of your wedding images with you. Thank you, thank you!!


  1. Kelly, I always adore your photos, but these I especially love for some reason! The photos and the couple have, dare I say, a sexiness to them? Keep up the amazing work!


  2. Thanks Flo!!! They were a sexy couple!! ;) These are some of my new favorite pics.