Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer fun

Summer is finally here. B had her last day of school a few weeks is what she chose to wear to celebrate such an occasion.

As we begin to enjoy our "summer break," I can't help but live vicariously through my kids. I am reminded of lazy days at the pool and not having a care in the world. I just wish they would embrace the tradition of sleeping in, but there are many more summer breaks ahead of us.

The other night they were both in the tub and Ky went peeps like a drinking fountain. The giggles that ensued from all of us were hysterical. I wanted to freeze that moment in time.

The only way I know how to freeze moments in time is by taking here are a few snaps of our summer so far...

As I mentioned, B asked me to take some 4 year old photos of her:

The lighting was a little harsh, but hey, beggars can't be choosers. I had to take what I could get.

Brynn decided that she is now a big girl and so she needed to get her ears pierced. It was all her idea.



She has not complained once and she did not even cry. I was in kindergarten when I got mine done and I bawled because I was so mad that my parents told me it was just going to be a "little pinch."

She was all smiles.

I swear she is 4 going on 14.

This is a scary sight...her and her BF Anthony driving!

World Cup anyone? Go Holland!

Ahh, and we can't forget Kyles...

I think all of his teeth are coming in at the same time. He says it is better to eat steak with.

He is turning in to quite the troublemaker...

and where are these little curls coming from?

I took some of the same pics of B in the sink a few years ago.

My little man.

I took the time to enjoy a little photo safari a few weeks ago at Chad's grandparents' farm. I always love giving myself little assignments and trying new things, so I really enjoyed shooting for fun for a change...not that I don't always have fun shooting, because I really do, but it was nice to shoot only for myself for a few minutes.

Then B wanted to use my camera. She posed us.

Enjoy these lazy summer days!!!

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