Thursday, July 8, 2010

Laughing out loud

I was in Border's the other day and had a true "laugh out loud" moment.

I came across a book entitled Awkward Family Photos and spent a good fifteen minutes unable to stop flipping through this book while my kids ran around like wild banshees. I honestly could not put it down. I decided I just had to buy it, when I realized there was a website.

I just love their comments and descriptions. Here are a few gems:
(all images copyright

Twelve is Enough:

See if you can spot the same people posing as different people.

(submitted by Eric)


It would be the last time he was ever seen wearing white.

(submitted by Wendy)

The Squatters:

Love lift us up where we belong, but always lift with the knees.

(submitted by Evan)

Saturday Night Special: Roadside Assistance

All she wanted was a tire change, but she ended up with so much more.

(submitted by Rocky)

Are you crying you are laughing so hard? Oh me, oh my, I am laughing out loud right now as I type this...and I am not in the privacy of my own home. I am at my favorite coffee house in Geneva, Graham's 318.

You have to check out this site. They have so many more to tickle your funny bone. They even have them categorized by holidays, vacations, pregnancy, siblings, moms & dads, weddings, random awkwardness, etc., etc. LOL!

So, at the risk of creating some awkward family photos for my clients, I asked them to bring their living room furniture out in to their lawn...that's not awkward at all, is it?

I actually really liked this shot as I tested the lighting.

You may recognize this family from Megan & Patrick's wedding last August in Palatine. Also, baby Meredith from my baby plan.

Megan & Patrick are coming up on their one year anniversary.

Last time we saw Meredith, she was playing with some lemons.

And we can't forget Grandma & Grandpa.

Aren't they the cutest?

Four generations

We can't forget their youngest child:

Thanks so much for having me out. I hope I didn't create any "awkward family photos" for you. Also, thanks for moving your furniture outdoors for me. I think it was worth it!

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