Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Think Pink

When Lauren & Kevin got engaged over two years ago, the year 2010 seemed almost futuristic. Like it was so far away, we would be flying around in little cars to get to their wedding.

You may, or may not, remember their engagement session in downtown Naperville...

During pre-wedding discussions, we talked about where to go for fun bridal party photos on their wedding day in between the ceremony and reception. Lauren said she wasn't too worried about where I chose because I stuck them in front of a dumpster at their engagement session, and it looked really good. It didn't even smell at all. That is where I draw the line.

Lauren's dad is a wonderful musician whose music filled the air many times throughout the day.

Being a fan of pink myself, her color palette for the day created some great eye candy for me.

I loved her Grandma's first look at her. Her Grandma is such a cutie.

Look at those eyes...open or closed, they are beautiful.

Lauren and her sis are huge scrapbookers and she was surprised with a gift for her big day from her sister and Maid of Honor.

LOVE Gerbera daisies.

If I would have had my Berkeley when I got married, I would have wanted a pic with him.

How cute is this trolley driver?

Speaking of cute...how about Brynn's BF Anthony, who was also one of the ring bearers. Lauren is his mom's cousin. It's good to know people who have friends and family that are getting married ;)

This series of images were really special to me. My favorite part of the day, well, one of them, is staying with the bride and her dad before they walk down the aisle.

I love how he is looking at his daughter. It's a mixture of pride, protectiveness, and, "Are you ready to do this?"

Then he had to take a moment to wipe away a tear or two. It was a very sweet moment that I was glad to capture.

I think Lauren just had to keep her "eyes on the prize" at the end of the aisle to keep from tearing up.

I did a wedding consultation last week and they asked me about formal wedding portraits at the altar. Yes, I do them. Do I think they are too traditional and boring? Yes. Are they the worst part of the day? Yes. Do I enjoy them? No. Do I rock them out as best I can? You bet.

These turned out beautifully. Loved that stained-glass window.

The wedding ceremony ran long, so we only had about 12 minutes to get them done before the Saturday evening mass.

But we did it. A big thank you to Faye for setting up my lights and moving people along. I couldn't have done it without her.

The most fun part of the day is when brides and grooms set time aside to spend with each other and with their bridal party for some fun shots. These are especially key when it comes time to design your wedding album.

Lauren & Kevin, what a wonderful day. We were so happy to be a part of it. Your two years of planning paid off and your day unfolded without a hitch. Thank you so much and I hope you had a great time in Mexico!

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