Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hot, hot, hot

This oppressive, stifling heat outside is giving me flashbacks to my Bikram yoga days (all of the two times that I went).

It is almost unbearable. Why bother showering when you walk outside and start sweating immediately. At least it would be a nice clean sweat, right? This humidity is doing nothing for that new, post-pregnancy patch of curly hair on the back of my head. I seriously look like Monica from "Friends" when they went to Bermuda.

My blogging is so far behind, these photos are no longer a "sneak peek." These clients saw their proof gallery last week. I will get caught up someday soon.

It was hot the evening of this shoot too. You can't tell from the smile on little six month old, Nate's face.

Happy boy!!

And we can't forget big brother Wrigley.

Think he looks a little like his daddy?

Thank you Sarah & Jay for letting me hang out with you guys. I hope you love your images and enjoyed your "sneak peek." ;)

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