Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bieber Fever and Random Tuesday

Today is a random day with random tasks, so I though I would share a few random thoughts.  

I am still trudging through my to-do list and slowly making some progress.  One thing I did scratch off my list was "Sign up for the Photographer Certification Exam."  Unfortunately, I have now added the to-do of "Study for the Photographer Certification Exam."

Ky has Bieber Fever.

I can't decide if I should cut his hair or not.  Hopefully Brynn won't make that decision for me.  

B is back in school and loving it.  I think it helps that her teacher looks like her Mimi with spiky hair and a little sparkly bling.

I am not sure if this is normal or not, but Brynn has hounded us all summer long for "scary" stories.  They started as stories about wild animals (her faves: coyotes, wolves, skunks, raccoons, alligators, owls) but have somehow morphed into stories about bad guys, kidnappers, burglars, haunted houses, and the girl with the "Golden Arm."  Chad and I ran out of stories (which she would let us know when they "weren't scary enough") and so I took her to the library and the sweet little librarian helped my deranged daughter find scary stories suitable for a teenager.  Turns out she still likes our made-up ones better.

Ky sits forward now in his car seat.  I just love seeing these little piggies when I look back at him.

B wouldn't let Ky be the star last week, she had to get her pic taken too.  Fine by me.  She has turned into quite the model.

We saw a monkey at the zoo last weekend.

We ended the day, and the summer, with a quick dip at North Ave. beach.

Moms, isn't this the best image EVER???

Happy Random Tuesday!

P.S.  If you had a photo session with me in 2007 or 2008 and did not purchase your digital files, now is the time if you would still like them.  I can't guarantee that they will be around for too much longer.  These external hard drives are taking over my office!

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