Thursday, September 16, 2010

Par for the Course

Yesterday I desperately needed to go to the grocery store for some milk and fruit, so after I picked up Brynn from school and took Berkeley (and the kids) to the vet for a check-up, we stopped by Jewel on our way home.  Chad was out of town, so I knew it wasn't going to be fun taking the kids, but I had no choice.

Ky was in his usual spot; buckled in to the seat.  B was in her usual spot; jumping on and off and in and out of the cart, running around ahead of me, throwing things in and taking things out, eating her way up and down each aisle.  I often wonder if we are on some super secret list at Jewel that names us as the most annoying family that shops there.

Berks was waiting for us in the car, so I really wanted to make this snappy.  As we perused the aisles as quickly as possible I noticed I kept getting the obligatory smile from people which said, "It really sucks to be you."  But I thought it was going really smoothly and people were just being friendly.  When we finally made it to the check out with just minor damage from the tornado we had left in our wake, they asked if I would like help out to my car with my groceries, which I always decline.  This is just par for the course.  It is what us moms do when you have more than one kid and have to bring them along to the grocery store.  You don't need to ask for help.

On my way out, Ky refuses to sit in the cart anymore and is throwing a fit and squirming to get out of my arms.  I can't put him back in the cart because they have filled his seat with toilet paper and diapers (which were not on my list, but hey, you can never have too much) and now I look like I have completely lost control of myself and my kids.  I quietly try to calm him down and he gets louder...I can feel the stares...I start sweating...meanwhile, Brynn is insisting on going out the opposite door.

One of the managers comes over to my rescue and swiftly has "Dana" pushing my cart for me.  I feel like a total jackass as I sheepishly walk in front of her out to my car.

It gets worse...

Berks is in the back of my car, so the groceries (which were only supposed to be milk and fruit as I mentioned) can not go back there with him.  It has been a long day and it looks like I live out of my car with Brynn's three daily outfit changes strewn all over as well as snacks and juice cups everywhere.  I am not sure where I am going to make this stuff fit.

I insist to Dana that I can take it from here and thank her immensely.  Now, the lady getting in her car next to me insists that I need help.  Seriously people!!  I am fine!  I tell her politely, "Ha, ha, thank you.  This is just par for the course."

Well, long story short (too late), we made it home and I have fully stocked fridge and pantry and my kids have full bellies.  What more could a mom ask for?

Well, maybe some great family photos, and this family happens to be in luck.  This was such a fabulous session with some of the nicest people I know.  Remember my trip to see Kenny on Oprah last spring?  This session was me trying to return the favor to my friend Tim.  I hope I came close.

Tim & Jennifer, thank you so much for letting me hang out with your beautiful family.  I hope you love your images and I hope Kenny comes on Oprah again for her final season.  Please, please, please let me come see the show if he does ;)  

Thanks again and much love.  K

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