Wednesday, October 6, 2010

One Loyal Customer

15 years ago I met someone who would change my life forever.  Since then, I have visited her religiously every 6 to 8 weeks.  We talk and laugh and share juicy stories.  I would fly home to visit her when I lived in Dallas.  I have followed her from each and every one of her different locations.  She has always made time for me in her schedule, no matter what.

Kelly, my hairdresser, saved me from my long, boring, straight hair with my thick blunt bangs.  She continuously reads my mind and always knows what I mean when I try to describe different hairstyles, like what Reese Witherspoon's hair looked like in "Sweet Home Alabama."

Whether she likes it or not, I give strangers on the street her phone number when they compliment my haircut.

After years of me telling her she needed to let me do some photos of her sweet family, she finally decided it was time.  Besides Sears, these were the only professional photos they have had taken together.  You wouldn't have guessed though...Lexi & Landon were some of the most cooperative kids I have ever worked with.

And let's not forget about her hubby, Ted, who unknowingly to me returns my emails from Kelly and confirms my appointments.  He's good like that.

He also wouldn't stop staring at my dark roots this afternoon when I came by for my regularly scheduled cut & highlight.  I told him to stop as Kelly applied the foils, but he couldn't look away.  He said it looked like I was overdue for some touchup.  Thank Ted.  I look much better now.

This last shot is hilarious.  I always love the different reactions I get when I tell mom & dad to kiss.  This was a first.

Kelly is my #1 recommendation for any brides out there who need someone to come to them on their wedding day to do their hair.  Kelly is fabulous and I can't sing enough of her praises.  Give me a shout if you want her info.

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