Tuesday, November 2, 2010

In love with love

I know I am not impartial, but forget summer weddings and give me a crisp, colorful, fall day for a wedding and I will take it any day of the week.

Denise & Jeff lucked out with a gorgeous autumn day to celebrate their love for one another.  I am always smitten with love after each wedding I shoot and this wedding is no exception.  I have so much fun with my brides & grooms, and their bridal parties & families, I am always left with a hunger for more.  It is a great reminder to never take your loved ones for granted.  Especially in the exchange of vows...it makes me want to be a better wife and mother every time I witness them.

My new favorite hotel in Chicago...The Wit.  Yes, please.

Jeff & Denise chose to see each other beforehand which was great because it was going to be dark by the time the ceremony was over.

But first, I started with the guys to get the day rockin'...

And then on to the ladies...

Wit Hotel.  I. Love. You.

 ...and Denise's shoes.


I asked Denise to "bring it."  She "brought it," and had some to spare.

Up the stairs for the "First Look."

Denise's bridesmaids could "bring it" too.  And they did.

These two are real class acts and are meant for each other.  Epitome of class.

Yes, I like shoes.

The ceremony and reception both took place at the Chicago History Museum which proved to be an ethereal location.  Divine.

Since was getting dark out so quickly, I did some experimenting with off-camera lighting.  Normally I will only manipulate available light because I think lighting has such a profound effect on the emotion of an image, but I loved how these turned out.

More off-camera lighting...yummy.

I have shot my fair share of weddings and receptions, but never once have I seen this before.  The tension in the room was building after dinner...you could cut it with a knife as the guests practically lined up around the perimeter of the dance floor.  Each and every person anticipating those words to come out of the DJ's mouth..."The dance floor is open."  

The flood gates opened and bodies were flailing in every which direction as they rushed out on the floor to cut a rug.  It was fabulous for me to watch and document.

What a day it was!  Jeff & Denise, I hope Aruba was relaxingly wonderful.  You have inspired me to book a little getaway with Chad.

Much love!!!  Thank you for everything.  

Also, thank you to Annie Surgis & Erica Marten for their help!!  You two are the sweetest.


  1. As a blog stalker:), this is so funny that you posted about The Wit. Tracy and I are staying there this weekend for our girls' night out...I cannot wait to see it in person! Love the pictures, so very cool.

  2. Oh, you will love it! I hope to stay there sometime soon too! Have an awesome time!!