Sunday, November 7, 2010

Reality check

About halfway home from this session, which was about an hour away from my house, I realized I had not even turned my iPod on.  I had been driving in silence, completely lost in my thoughts and totally in a daze.  Then my eyes started stinging and I felt the tears well up and my vision was temporarily blurred.  The waterworks were in full effect.  I sobbed.  I felt selfish and spoiled and wondered how God could be so unfair.

I had just met the most amazing family who have been blessed with three precious little darlings, Faye, Lucas & Tegan.

Unfortunately, there were some complications during Kristin's pregnancy with Lucas which resulted in several life changing medical problems for him.

Kristin and her husband, Luke, see the proverbial glass as half full and make the most out of every day.  They are truly an inspiration to us all and the amount of respect I have for them is insurmountable.  I think about them every time I start to take my healthy kids for granted and need a reality check.

I loved every minute I spent with them as I got a few snapshots of their lives.

Lucas, I melt when I see those big, blue eyes.

Happy boy!

Big sis, Faye, such a doll...and such a ham!  She loved the camera, and the camera loved her.

Little sis, Tegan, pure sweetness.  With sugar on top. 

Although Lucas can not move his arms to give a hug, he can show affection by giving kisses.  It just might have been the sweetest thing I have ever seen.  Ever.

Their grandpa loves his Chicago sports teams, so we have a little special treat for him.

Kristin & Luke, your little family has changed my life forever.  Thank you for sharing your amazing story with me.  Much love and admiration and prayers.  xoxo


  1. I love love love them! The family and pictures.

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