Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Moving is for the birds

The heavy stuff is moved into our rental or put into the storage POD.  It's those little things that are now strewn on the floor of our bedrooms and bathrooms that are waiting for us to decide...to they stay or do they go?  It is mentally exhausting; not to mention the physical toll it takes to pack and move stuff all day long.  I suppose I had the easy job of deciding what goes where.  All the boys were stuck lugging it down the stairs.  We have the best support system of family and friends who really rally when one of us needs a helping hand.  We are forever grateful.

Our old house looks like it has been completely ransacked...clothes hanging out of open drawers, chairs overturned, cords everywhere.  It is just a cold, skeleton of what used to be our home.  I try not to look back on all the good times we had there, but to look ahead to the ones to come.

Please bear with me as I try to stay on top of returning emails and phone calls.  We are hopefully getting internet tomorrow.  (I snagged 45 minutes from my mom while I ran up to Panera to try to place some orders and collect my thoughts).

Since a post is better with some photos, here are some pics from the fall that I have not gotten a chance to blog yet:

One big happy family.  They surprised mom with a gift certificate for their anniversary.  She cried.

Leah wasn't having it and Carson threw up.  Priceless.

Another session that I loved.  Brotherly and sisterly love.  These two were beautiful inside and out.  Their parents done real good.

And another adorable family with another little one on the way...

Hopefully this will keep you tied over until I can get back on my feet ;)

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