Thursday, January 6, 2011


Naming this little guy "Wilbert Frederick Hemshrodt, III" was quite a mouthful.  So for short, his p's were just going to call him "Tripp"...which is a nickname for the third generation who share a name -- just like "Trey," for example.  Without any persuasion from Sarah's Palin's grandson, but long before this little guy was born, they just decided to name him "Tripp" to keep it simple.  I think Bristol Palin stole the name from them ;)

I got to visit him in the hospital, then again in their home with big brother, Finn.  These two brothers now share a birthday.  What are the chances of that?

I think these two are going to be partners in crime.

I had a little fun with my macro lens.  I do not use this thing nearly as much as I should.

Congrats Kristy, Web & Finn on your new addition.  I am loving that I get to document his first year.

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