Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Court update

I have been getting lots of emails and texts about Courtney and wanting an update on how she's doing...I figure it is easiest to just give you the scoop here.  When we last talked about Court, she was scheduled to go in today for a c-section.  After almost having a c-section last week (due to small baby weight), we are now all sitting on edge until the new date of March 2nd.

Here is what she wrote to us last week:

So Haddie has passed her BPPs the last two weeks, including today's, however Dr.
measured her growth again today and she is measuring small still (13th 
percentile now at 37 weeks, approx 5lbs 9oz).  As of this afternoon, his initial 
recommendation was to not wait until next Tues but to take her out Wed the 
16th...BUT only if her lungs were deemed mature...long story short he performed 
an amniocentesis on me while I was there to find out if lungs were ready or 
not.  The initial results came back an hour later, and were in the 20k range and 
lung maturity is closer to the 50k range.  They are sending amnio speciman to 
another lab to confirm this number which will be back by tom...but Dr. was not 
optimistic since 20k was so much lower than the mature range. So...his next best 
recommendation was to keep baby in until 39 weeks, while performing BPPs twice a 
week, which will monitor placenta function and to give lungs more time to 
mature.  I meet with my regular Dr. on Thurs to digest all this new info and 
see we will stay the course of the scheduled c-section on Tues or not.  Sorry if 
this is confusing...it has been quite the roller coaster.  I will keep you 
posted...thank you for all the thoughts and prayers!!



  1. Kelly, glad to see a Courtney update. I was thinking about her today & as I was wondering if she had her baby, she drove right past me!!! Haha, I was like "oh! guess not!" Glad everything is going well & she's hanging in there.

  2. Waiting to hear in San Diego....Uncle Chuck

  3. Uncle Chuck checking in for a status from San Diego

  4. We will keep you posted ;). Thank you Uncle Chuck!!