Monday, February 21, 2011

Like Riding a Bike

The rush of the wind in my hair, the beat of the blaring music, the excitement of "couples' skate."  There is nothing like being at the roller skating rink.  The memories came rushing back to me as I took B to Funway for her very first spin around the rink.

(iPhone pics, sorry)

B's little skates.

Someone finally got smart and made these things velcro!  I remember my parents so patiently lacing mine up for me and adjusting them as I whined they're too tight or too loose!

We made it around a few laps before the tears kicked in.  I thought she was just frustrated because she was unsteady, but she was really, really mad because she couldn't go fast.  All in good time, little one.

We didn't stick around long enough for the Chicken Dance, races or the Hokey Pokey, but if she is anything I was when I was little, I think we may be going back for more.

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