Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New beginnings

"Umm, you haven't blogged in a while..." 

I am so sorry for the long silence.  Life has been CrAzY lately for us and we're enjoying living in this moment.

I have been shooting lots too and I can't wait to share some fun stuff.  This weather has been so great and Spring Fever has kicked in big-time.  The grass sure is getting greener.

With the new season comes new beginnings...Kate & Andy wait patiently for the next chapter of their lives to begin...

These two were so much fun and were really game for anything I threw at them.  I had so many favorites  from this session, I had to really make myself cut down on the number of images I wanted to blog.

I enjoyed trying out some fresh editing "looks" and had fun with all of these...

Love this series:

Can't wait to hear if you have a boy or girl.  I am guessing boy based on the way you are carrying, but that is just an old wives tale.

Thank you so much you guys for such a fun time!  Enjoy your sneak peek!

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