Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mother's Day, Father's Day & Workshops Dates!

The funny thing about living in our house is you never know when an impromptu photo shoot may take place.

This is just another Wednesday afternoon at our house.

These cars are on loan from Chad's and his brother Drew's original metal matchbook car collection.

Ky likes carrying them around with him for safe-keeping.

B even let me snap a few of her.  She wasn't as easily distracted by the cars.  She knows all the tricks I have up my sleeve.


I wanted to remind you that Mother's & Father's Days are coming if you are looking for that perfect could give mom a gift certificate for that session she has been wanting to schedule, or you could get some photos done beforehand and give an album to dad.

Or we could do some fun photos in your Easter outfits.  I've always wanted to shoot with some baby chicks, but I don't know where to get any.  Or a bunny?  Is that cliche?

Also, after getting bombarded by emails, I am happy to announce the next date for the "What you didn't know, you didn't know about photography" Workshop. It will be on Wednesday, May 18th from 10am-2pm in Geneva.  It will include lattes & lunch as well as a wealth of knowledge for beginner photographers.  We will talk about what all those different buttons mean on your camera, lighting, composition, do's & don'ts, tips to make your everyday snapshots even better, etc.  Then we will get to put your skills to the test at the end of the day with a live shoot.

If you would like to be a part of the workshop please email me right away to reserve your seat for $129.  I will also be offering two more this in the summer and a final one in the fall.

Thanks so much and have a great day!!  xoxo


  1. Kelly! where did you get that tie!!! It is so cute!
    - Carla

  2. Thanks Carla :) I actually borrowed it from my girlfriend. I have seen them at the Gap though.